Before a booking can be invoiced or paid for, it must first be confirmed. Consider this akin to signing off on someone's timesheets.

It's an important step that will allow you to identify any issues with a carer's attendance; such as arriving too late, staying too long, or checking in from a different address than the service user's.

In order for a booking to be confirmable, the planned finish time must have passed, and the booking must meet one of the following conditions:

What is being confirmed?

When you confirm a booking, you are acknowledging the start time and duration of the visit and approving the times to be used for invoicing & pay (if enabled).

If a client or carer's contract has been enabled for "actual" durations, it is the confirmed start time and duration that will be used to calculate the rates.

The start time may influence which unsociable hour range is used, and the duration may change which non-pro-rata rate is used. Read more about rates here.


These allow you to define what is "normal" for a visit, such as punctuality, duration, location and more.

Read more about configuring thresholds here.

Confirmation types

You have two options for confirming the start time & duration of a visit.


A single start time & duration will be confirmed for the booking. If charging for actual times, the client will be charged the same duration of time for each allocated carer.

Similarly, if carers are paid for actual times each allocated carer will be paid for the same duration.


This option allows you to confirm separate start & finish times for each allocated carer. For example,

Automatic confirmation (recommended)

When a booking has been completed, the system can automatically check the visit against your thresholds and automatically confirm the booking if they are met.

For Booking confirmation types, an average of carer's arrival and departure times will be used for the Confirmed Start and Confirmed Duration.

For the Carers confirmation type, each carer will be confirmed using their recorded arrival and departure times.

Automatic confirmation is disabled by default, but can be enabled and configured in Settings → Roster → Thresholds.

Unconfirmed Bookings

A list of unconfirmed bookings can be accessed by accessing Reconciliation → Confirmation from the main navigation.

If automatic confirmation is enabled, this list will only contain bookings that didn't meet the thresholds. Warnings will be shown giving the reason why each of these was unable to be confirmed. This is an opportunity to review and follow up with the carer when necessary.


Any thresholds that have failed for a visit will be indicated by an icon next to the carer's name. You can hover over each icon for more information, or click to show detailed information.


Select each booking you wish to confirm using the checkbox on the left hand side, then click the Confirm Bookings button at the top of the screen.

Confirming bookings

Bookings can be confirmed from either the Confirmation screen described above, or when viewing an individual booking.

Each booking selected for confirmation will be listed and you'll be able to make any adjustments as necessary. For example, a carer may have forgotten to check in or out at the correct time.

For each carer allocated, you will again be able to see information about any warnings that have been generated.

The confirmation options will look slightly different depending on the Default Confirmation Type you have selected. If you wish to change the confirmation type for an individual booking, you can do so using the dropdown in the top-right of the booking card.

Confirmation type: Booking

As described in the Confirmation Types section above, a single start & finish time can be confirmed for each attending carer. The system will suggest these for you by default (highlighted in purple). If you wish to adjust these, click Edit and enter the adjusted times.


Confirmation type: Carers

When using the Carers confirmation type, the suggested times for each carer will their actual arrival and departure times. You can adjust these by clicking Edit.


Additional acknowledgement

Occasionally you may come across a visit that breaks the thresholds by a large amount. In these cases we'll ask for additional acknowledgement.


Submitting the confirmed times

Once you've reviewed the list and made any necessary adjustments, click the Confirm Bookings button at the bottom of the screen.

Finding incomplete bookings

Before a booking can be confirmed it must be marked as complete. A booking is considered complete when arrival and departure times have been recorded for each carer.

Occasionally there may be an instance where a carer isn't able to successfully check in/out using the Carer Companion App; for example, their phone was out of battery. In these cases, you will need to record the arrival and/or departure manually.

To view a list of incomplete bookings, open Bookings Incomplete. From here you are able to add manual check-ins where necessary.


To add a manual check in either select the booking(s) you want to check in to, or click on the pencil icon on the right hand side and confirm the arrival time and departure times as necessary.

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