During the course of bookings, carers are able to leave notes for updates on how the client is doing or things that need mentioning. All the notes made within the app are visible to other carers who are allocated to that client.

There are 3 types of note that can be left in the carer companion app:

  1. Note - This is a note that is left during the visit, this can be used for anything such as noting that they need something such as a food shop, or mentioning something that they've noticed such as a change in condition etc.

    To leave these, click on the


    icon in the bottom right of the screen within the booking. Then type the note you would like to leave and press <Save>. You can also leave a thumb up or thumb down for a 'sentiment' this will only bee seen within the app.

  2. Handover Note - This is a note left more specifically for the next carer to see, if there is any information that is or may be necessary for the call. This can only be left upon check out. When you scan the QR code, the field will appear.

  3. Check-out Comment - This is a note that can be left upon check out with an update about how the visit went. You can make this mandatory and even set a minimum word count in Carer App Configuration. These cannot be viewed in the app, only the client journal.


Notes in the Care Circle

If enabled, all of the above notes and comments will show in the Care Circle. Individual visit and handover notes can be removed from the Care Circle but the option to enable the viewing of notes for Care Circle members applies to all notes and comments.

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