If a client has a schedule that alternates between weeks, you are able to create a schedule alternates on a weekly basis for a specified number of weeks.

To do this, head to the client's <Schedule> tab and click on the <Settings> icon in the right corner above the schedule.


On the resulting page, change the number of weeks to "2". If you want to make a schedule for more than 2 weeks, simply enter the required number of weeks in the highlighted field below.


When you return the the schedule, you will see that it says Schedule: week 1 at the top left and the date that the schedule is effective from. Whether the current week (now) it is week 1 or 2 is calculated every 2 weeks from the date the original schedule is from. There is also an arrow icon that allows you to toggle between weeks so you can view and amend the schedules as necessary.

  1. Shows which week it is and the original start date for the schedule.

  2. An example of a booking taking place in week 1. This particular entry was made before the schedule was changed to 2 weeks and as a result will only occur in "week 1"

  3. The arrow icons to toggle between the 2 weeks.

To create a visit that happens every other week, create a schedule visit slot on the schedule page and open the visit to configure the details.


Here we can see that it is scheduled to occur every other Tuesday (in week 1) at 16:00 until 17:00. Once the week has been chosen, complete the entry as normal and it will appear in the schedule in the relevant week.

Now open the <Agenda> tab, it will default to the current week's view.

  1. Shows which week the schedule is currently on.

  2. The new booking created in the schedule.


  • If you need to schedule a visit weekly within a fortnightly cycle, select week 1 and week 2 when creating the visit.

  • If you need to amend which week a visit is scheduled for, you can edit this by opening up the visit in the <Schedule> tab.

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