If a carer is unable, or forgets to check in to a visit, you are able to add this manually for them. This can be done either individually, or in bulk. A booking will automatically confirm if a manual check out is added.

Adding an individual check in/out

To add an individual check in or out to a visit, open it up by selecting it from the bookings list, or going to the roster/agenda, double clicking on it and selecting view. You should see 6 tabs across the top, click into the one called check-ins.

No check in received

If no check ins have been received, you will have an option on the right hand side to add a manual check in. Select this to be able to add a manual check in, out or both. You are able to amend the times if needed.

No check out received

If the carer has checked in but not out, you will see the map showing the carer's check in and location. On the right hand side you will see this:


Click Missing check-out to add in the check out and time.

Adding multiple check ins/outs

Any booking that hasn't had a check in or out by the time it is due to finish will result in the booking being marked as incomplete. In Bookings > incomplete, you are able to add check ins to multiple (up to 50) at the same time. See Incomplete Bookings for more information.

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