When soft authentication is enabled, carers are required to enter their device passcode after a configurable period of time. This is a measure to prevent unauthorised parties from being able to access the app if the phone is found unlocked.

The app can be unlocked either by using the fingerprint sensor on the device, or the passcode they use to unlock the phone.

Soft Authentication is available in the Android app from version 5.2.0, and iOS version 0.1.8.

Enabling Soft Authentication

Head to Settings > App Config in the web app, and check the 'Enable Soft Authentication' box. By default the app will ask prompt for the device password after 10 minutes of being in the background, however you are able to change this.

Setting the timeout to 0 will prompt for the device password each time the app is opened.


In the above example, soft authentication has been enabled and set to 10 minutes. The time is shown in the highlighted section.

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