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The Bury (ContrOCC) integration consists of a set of CSV files that are generated from your data in CareLineLive, ready for you to upload to the ContrOCC portal.

Setting up

First, you'll need to enable the integration. In the main navigation, click Integrations and then Bury (ContrOCC).

Select the Team that you wish to enable the integration for in the top-right of the page. If you wish to enable it for all teams, select "All Teams".

Click Configure Bury (ContrOCC) Settings.

Next, check the Enabled? checkbox.

There are a couple of pieces of information required for the export file, as well as some optional fields. Only fill out the optional fields if the council has asked you to.

Enter the Service Name and Service Level. These should be provided to you by the council.

Click Save.

Service user reference number

Bury will provide you with a reference number for each client. This needs to be filled in the client's profile, under Local Authority Reference Number.

Exporting data

CareLineLive uses data from your Invoice Runs to decide what to include. Generate an invoice run that contains only visits and clients for Bury; check that everything is included and then issue the run.

To export the files, open the invoice run and click the Export button in the top-right of the screen. Choose Bury (ContrOCC) from the dropdown. A ZIP file will be downloaded that contains two files:

  • Information about your carers

  • A list of visits

All of the information is automatically formatted as required by the ContrOCC specification.

These files can then be uploaded directly to the ContrOCC portal.

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