Make sure you're familiar with the observations introduction

Recording blood glucose levels will keep a log of a service user's blood sugar level over a period of time.

Which information is recorded?

The following information will be asked for when recording blood glucose observations.

Status - was the reading successfully taken?

Here you can record how successful blood glucose reading was. For example "Completed" or "Refused".

Read more about statuses

Time - when did it happen?

Add the time that the reading was taken.

By default this will be set to the current time, but it can be adjusted in the event that you are completing the records after the visit has finished.

The time recorded must be within the visit time, you will not be able to add a time that is before the start of the visit or after the end of the visit.

Measurement units

There are two main units of measurement used when recording blood sugar: mmol/L and mg/dL. The device you are using the take the reading will give the value in either one of these units.

Select the correct measurement unit from the dropdown by tapping on the box.


This is the number part of the reading. Be sure to include any decimal spaces when typing it in.

It's important that both the Measurement Units & the Value are correct, as if mixed up they can give wildly different results.

Food consumption

Here you can record the time (relative to a meal) that the reading was taken. This is especially important information for diabetics.

  • Upon waking (Just after waking)

  • Before meal (Pre-prandial)

  • After meal (Post-prandial - at least 90 minutes after food)

  • Fasting (between meals)

Reporting a concern

Read more about reporting a concern

You may wish to report a concern if you've noticed something out of the ordinary; for example:

Fred’s reading was slightly low today.

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