It is now possible to electronically sign a document for a carer or client.

The document can be sent via email for review and digital signing - no paper necessary!


  • The document must be uploaded as a PDF file.

  • You must know the email address of the person who is to sign the document.

  • Only one signer per signature request.

Requesting the signature

To request a signature for a document, head to the documents tab for the relevant person.

Upload the document if it has not already been uploaded, and click on the :more_vert: button on the right hand side. Select Request Signature and the following form will appear:


Select your options:

Delivery Method

Currently only Email is supported. This will cause the document to be sent via email to the selected signer.

Due Date

You can optionally specify when the document needs to be signed. Once the due date passes the signer will no longer be able to add their signature.


Lastly, pick someone to sign, you can choose:

  • The carer or client (document owner).

  • A contact of the carer/client; selected from their important contacts

  • Someone else - Provide the name, email address and relationship to the document holder

All three options give you the opportunity to update the email address the document is being sent to.

Signing the document

The person requested to sign the document will receive an email asking them to review the document and sign it. They will need to click the link in the email, where they will see a message telling them what document they have been sent and which person sent it.

Once they click continue, they will be taken to the document, allowing them to read it before they sign it. They will also be able to reject the document if they do not wish to sign it.

The signee will be unable to sign until they have read the full document.

When ready to sign, click Add your signature and fill in the following form.


They will need to confirm their name, their relationship to the document owner before being given the option to draw in the signature with a mouse, trackpad or external device or typing in their name.

They will need to tick the box to confirm it being a legal representation of their signature before clicking finish.

Viewing the signature

The documents tab will show that the signature is complete, you can click the :more_vert: button to view signature status.


The signee will receive an email when all signatures have been received.

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