If a carer or client changes their contract, you can now switch these contracts in bulk for both schedule entries and existing bookings.

To do this, go to either a carer's contracts page or a client's service contracts page and add the new contract.


Click on the three, vertical dots on the on the right hand side and select "Swap to this contract"


On the following page, you will be see this screen:


Here, we can choose the date that the contract will switch over from - this can be backdated if necessary. We can also choose the date that it is swapped over until, if it is only temporary.

You need to choose the Service contract you want to swap from and the contract that you want to swap to.

Beneath it will bring up any existing bookings and schedule entries affected, this will now allow you to choose which bookings/schedule entries you want to switch over by using the tick box on the left hand side. By default, it will select all.

When you are ready, click "Swap" at the bottom right and the contracts will swap over.

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