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Once you have created your schedule entries you will need to generate bookings from them. Without doing so, they will not appear on the roster, or the carer companion app.

There are three methods for generating bookings from schedule entries.

Bulk generation for all clients or teams

The fastest way to generate bookings for all clients is to head to Bookings > Unallocated. This section shows 2 different things:

  • Schedule entries that have not had bookings generated from them - shown by a clock icon.

  • Bookings which do not have carers allocated to them - shown by a calendar icon.


You will need to select the date range you wish to generate bookings for, the "Select Dates" button is in the top right corner of the screen.

Once you have selected your date range, click "Generate Bookings". This will take you to a preview screen which will show you all the schedule entries you are trying to create bookings for. (Any bookings previously created will not show in this screen as you cannot generate them twice!).


You may see a red exclamation mark on the right hand side, this is to notify you of a reason why the booking may not create. Click on it to find out what it is and how to action it. The reasons are stated below.

Once the preview has generated, click "Create" and the bookings will begin to generate.

Bookings not created

If a booking does not create, it will be left behind and will have a red exclamation mark showing. Click on this to see the reason(s) that the booking hasn't created. These reasons include:

  • Client has a clashing booking - The client already has a booking at the same time . This can be resolved by either amending the time of the schedule entry, the existing booking, or by enabling overlapping.

  • Carer has a clashing booking - The carer already has a booking at the same time. This can be resolved by re-allocating the call to another carer or by amending the time of the booking or schedule entry. You can also enable carer overlapping.

  • Client or carer contract is not active on this date - If the carer or client has multiple contracts, one could have finished, you will need to amend the contracts to be able to generate the booking. If the carer is finished, they will need to be removed from the client's schedule entry.

  • Visit run already contains a booking at this time - This is where a round has been set up. The round already contains a booking which clashes with the one you are trying to create. You will either need to amend the time of the booking. You can enable carer overlapping as well, but this is not recommended.


In this instance, the carer has a clashing booking, to rectify this you can remove or replace the carer from this screen. If you want to, you can update the client's schedule entry to make the change for future bookings too.

Bulk generation for a single client

To generate multiple bookings but only for a single client, head to their agenda. You should see a button on the right hand side, above the main grid which says "Schedule Week #". This will take you to the preview page to show the schedule entries for the week. You can adjust the date range using the select dates in the top right corner if you don't want to select a week.


When you are ready, click "Create Bookings" and your bookings will generate for the defined date range. If a booking doesn't create it will remain behind for one of the reasons shown above.

Generating a single booking from a schedule entry

On the client's agenda, you will be able to see schedule entries if bookings have not already been generated from them. You can double click on these entries and click create in the bottom right corner of the menu that appears.

This method is best for when an additional schedule entry has been added after the bookings have been generated. This can only be done for a single call at a time.

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