CareLineLive has the facility to include holiday pay in payroll calculations.

In order to calculate holiday pay, the system needs to know of two figures: working hours per day, and how much a worker should be paid for each hour of leave.

Working Hours Per Day
This is used to determine how many hours a worker should be paid per day of leave when it spans multiple days.

Leave - Hourly Pay Rate
How much the worker is paid per hour of eligible leave.

If these options are left empty, an estimate will be used (see below).

Long periods of leave

If a long period of paid leave is added for a worker, the system can't currently determine which of those days the worker is entitled to be paid for.


Holiday pay estimates are provided in the Leave tab of a carer's profile. The estimates are currently based on the Government guidelines for zero hour workers.

The guidelines dictate that the average hourly rate must be taken from the previous 52 working weeks, including overtime. If no pay was paid in any week, the system looks back another week so the rate is based on 52 weeks in which pay was paid.

The estimates rely on the data being within the system, so bear in mind if you have been using CareLineLive for shorter than 12 months, the estimates may not be entirely accurate.

Leave Types

By default, only the 'Annual Leave' leave type is enabled for holiday pay. If you wish to enable it for others, you can enable the Payable option in Settings → Employees → Leave Types.


We're currently testing holiday accrual estimates, which are based on the UK government's recommendations for Casual Workers, which works out to 12.07% of hours worked.

Changing your holiday year

By default the holiday year start will be set to the 1st of January. This can be changed by opening Settings → Employees → Leave.

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