Enable the integration

Head to SettingsSageSage 50cloud Payroll (UK) and check the Enabled box.

Setting up carers

In order to properly map the data for importing into Sage, you will need to record the carer's Payroll Number on their profile

This can be added by opening the carer's page, and then clicking the Edit button in the Employment section towards the bottom of the screen.

Set up pay element codes

In order to properly map the pay items coming out of CareLineLive to the pay elements set up in your Sage software, you will need to provide Pay Reference codes for each pay item.

This needs to be done for each Carer Contract Type that you use.

Download your Sage payment settings

First, pull the list of Sage Pay Elements. This can be found by opening the Company view, and then clicking Pay Elements in the Tasks pane. Make a note of the Ref for each pay element - these will need to be matched to your rates in CareLineLive.


Adding pay element codes

Open the Carer Contract Type, and then click the “Edit pay element codes” button at the top of the screen, to the left of the Help button.

You will be taken to a screen that lists all of the applicable pay items. Enter the pay element code for each.

As Leave payments aren't linked to a contract, the payment element code will be taken from carer's default contract (if they have multiple contracts).

Importing data into Sage

Once you set up the above and you've created your payroll run, you're ready to export the data for Sage.

Download the import file

Within the Payroll Run, click the Export button at the top of the page. Then select Sage 50cloud Payroll (UK). A CSV file will be downloaded containing all of the payments within the payroll run.

Sage doesn't provide much documentation around the structure of this file, however it is laid out as follows:

Spreadsheet column

Payment information to enter

Deduction information to enter


Employee Reference

The carer's payroll number


Payment Reference

The reference code for the pay element



The total number of hours for this pay element



The hourly rate of included items for this pay element


If you see an error when trying to generate the export file, you likely haven't set up all of your carer payroll numbers or pay element reference codes. Please forward the error on to [email protected] and we'll let you know how to resolve.


  • Guaranteed Pay is not included in the export.

  • For mileage, the distance is placed in the Hours column.

  • Non-pro-rata rates: The duration of the rate is the same, however the rate is manipulated to represent the equivalent hourly rate.

    • E.g., a NPRR of 15m with a rate of £10 would be represented as 0.25 hours @ £40 in the export

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