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What data is exported?

First you'll need to get your workers into Hastee. We can generate the CSV for you, which contains the following information:


Required The carer's Payroll Number

We will attempt to include the Payroll Number from the carer's profile. If this is not available, we'll use the reference code which is generated for each carer.






Required The carer's personal email

This will be used by the carer to set up their Hastee account. Once imported into Hastee, you cannot update their email address by importing a new CSV; you must update through the Hastee admin portal.


CareLineLive's unique identifier for the carer


The carer's National Insurance number


Title/salutation: Mr, Ms, etc


The carer's personal phone number


The carer's date of birth

Used by Hastee to verify they are old enough to use their service.

Preparing the export

To download the workers CSV file, head to Integrations, then Hastee in the main navigation.

Select which period you wish to export. Only carers that have been working in the selected period will be exported.

Next, select the Team(s) and Carer Contract Type(s) that the carers must belong to.

Finally, select the Export Workers option and click Next.


Previewing & checking the data

Next, you'll be shown a preview of the data that will be exported. Check this data and make sure it's correct before downloading the export file.

Ensure that all required fields are filled in - they'll be marked with a red :error:.

Once you're happy with the data, click the I'm happy, export :check: button


Downloading the export file

Once you've clicked the Export button, the CSV file will be generated and downloaded for you. From here, you can choose to start a different export type with the same filters, or reset the form completely.


  • Once imported, the import file will not update existing records. You'll have to manually adjust these in the Hastee admin portal.

  • CareLineLive will attempt to use the carer's Payroll Number - this should be filled with your own company payroll number for the employee.

    • If this is changed in CareLineLive after the worker has been imported into Hastee, you'll also need to update it in the Hastee admin panel. Not doing so will mean their jobs cannot be imported.

  • Hastee may not allow you to import a phone number with a space or any special characters in it.

    • You can modify the row before importing in the Hastee admin portal when you're following the import process.

Importing the file into Hastee

Log into your Hastee admin panel, and open the Workers page. Click the Import button, then on the next screen select SHIFT Workers from the Payroll dropdown and then click Import Workers from File.

Select the file you've just downloaded from CareLineLive.

Next, you can import some Jobs for them!

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