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What data is exported?

Once you've imported your workers, you can begin importing their 'jobs' into Hastee.

Hastee calls any work that someone does a 'job'. CareLineLive will include Shifts and Bookings as jobs. Only shifts & bookings that have been confirmed and are payable will be included.

We can generate the CSV for you, which contains the following information:


Required The unique identifier for the job

This allows any changes that are made to the job to be reflected in Hastee for future imports.


Required The unique identifier for the worker

Allows Hastee to link this job to a specific worker


Required The start timestamp of the job

This is the planned start time of the booking, not the actual arrival time


Required The finish timestamp of the job

This is the planned finish time of the booking, not the actual departure time



This is the net pay that is calculated for the carer. It excludes any mileage payments.


If the job is a booking, the address & GPS coordinates.

Not included by default. Will show in the Hastee app for the worker.



Preparing the export

To download the jobs CSV file, head to Integrations, then Hastee in the main navigation.

Select which period you wish to export. Only carers that have been working in the selected period will be exported.

Next, select the Team(s) and Carer Contract Type(s) that the bookings & shifts must belong to.

Finally, select the Export Jobs option. You'll be asked if you want to include address details - selecting this will include the booking address details in the export, which will allow workers to see the address & a map in the Hastee app once imported.

Once you're ready, click Next :chevron_right:


Previewing & checking the data

Next, you'll be shown a preview of the data that will be exported. Check this data and make sure it's correct before downloading the export file.

Ensure that all required fields are filled in - they'll be marked with a red :error:.

Once you're happy with the data, click the I'm happy, export :check: button.


Downloading the export file

Once you've clicked the Export button, the CSV file will be generated and downloaded for you. From here, you can choose to start a different export type with the same filters, or reset the form completely.


  • If a booking or shift is deleted from CareLineLive, it cannot be removed from Hastee. Please get in touch with Hastee support to remove it.

  • Similarly if a carer's pay for a booking/shift is changed to 0, this will not be reflected in Hastee.

Importing the file into Hastee

Log into your Hastee admin panel, and open the Jobs page. Click the Actions button, then Import Contingent Jobs. On the next screen click Choose File at the bottom.

Select the file you've just downloaded from CareLineLive and review the data before importing.

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