First you must enable the Xero integration yourself by navigating to Settings → Xero.

Enable the integration by checking the 'Enable Xero Integration' checkbox. Once ticked you'll be asked for a couple of pieces of information required in order to generate the Xero CSV files correctly.

Account Code

This is the Xero Account that Invoices will be allocated to. To find your account code, within Xero navigate to Settings → Chart of Accounts. This must match the code exactly as it is displayed in Xero.

This Xero Account needs to be the account that you are invoicing from. Anything exported from CareLineLive must go into a single Account.

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Tax Rates can be found within Xero by navigation to Settings → General Settings → Tax Rates.

For each CareLineLive Tax Type (Finance → Invoicing → Tax Types), you can enter the corresponding Xero Tax Rate. If the tax rate name contains words and a percentage, enter it in full as it appears in Xero; for example, 20% (VAT on Income).

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Tracking Inventory using Xero

If you use Xero's inventory features, you're able to associate your Inventory Codes with Service Contract Types.

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Running the export

When you have generated an invoice run and issued it, click the Export button in the top right of the Invoice Run and select the Xero option.

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