Adding a client’s injuries allows you to record any short-term ailments that may be affecting a client. Functionally, injuries work in a similar way to Medical Conditions within CareLineLive.

Injuries can be found within the Medical tab of a client’s record.


Adding an injury

We ask for a few bits of information when recording an injury for client:


A dropdown list of common injuries that we’ve provided.

Let us know if the list is missing an injury you require. You’re not able to edit this list just yet.


An indication of the severity of the injury.

Short description

Give a bit more detail around what the injury is.

Start date

If known, when the injury occurred.

Finish date

If known, when the injury was no longer an issue.


Any treatment details for the injury


Any stakeholders for the injury

Editing an injury

To edit an injury, simply click the :edit: icon next to the injury in the table.

Injury Observations

Once an injury has been recorded, carers will be able to record observations for that injury, including its current severity and progression.

Read more about Injury Observations

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