The accounts section is where you can manage the users that are able to use the web environment, carer companion app, or access the family portal.

To access this area click on Accounts on the navigation bar. Here you have the option of choosing:


By choosing <All> you are able to see who has a user log in to be able to use the web environment, and what user privileges they have. You can also create new users by using the + icon in the top right hand corner.


By selecting a user, you can see their user profile, any users who are also carers will have a separate profile for a user and for a carer.

  1. This user is also a carer, use the <View carer> button on the right hand side to go to their carer profile.

  2. These are the user roles currently assigned to this user.

  3. If you need to update the email address or change the password for the user, you can do this here. This is not for resetting the email or password for the app, only for the web environment.

  4. Manage roles. This is where you can add or remove the roles assigned to the user, to manage the areas within the environment that they have access to.


The administrators section is the same as <All> but filters so you can only see users with the administrator privileges. You are still able to create regular users as normal.

Notification groups

See article Notification Groups

User roles

User roles define the access that users have to the system. For more information about these, see the page: User roles.

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