In order to use the mobile companion app, a carer will need to have a user account. This will not grant them access to the web environment unless they have other roles assigned. See User Roles for more information.

Like user accounts for the web environment, these user accounts will need to have:

  • An email address that is not already in use by another account.

  • A password, which must be a minimum of 6 characters.

There are 3 ways in which a user account can be assigned to a carer:

  • At the time of creating a carer record using the creation form.

  • After a carer record has been created.

  • Using the "Make User a Carer" option for an existing user account.

Creating the account with the record

When you create a carer record, you can add in the user account at the same time by filling in the work email address and the password field at the bottom. If you prefer not to at this stage, just leave the option unticked.


Creating the account after the record


It the user account was not created at the same time as the carer record, you can create one afterwards. Carer records without a user account will have a green section at the top right of their record, alerting you to this. To create a user account here, click "Create one".

If there was already an email in the carer's contact details, this will automatically populate this field, or you can type it in. You will then need to create a password and click create.

Adding the carer role to an existing account

If there are office staff who also do care calls as part of their usual job, you can give the user access to both the web environment and the mobile app with the same account. This means there is only 1 log in to remember and it reduces clutter in the environment.

To do this, go to Accounts and click on the account. Within, click the :more_vert: icon in the top right corner and select "Make user a carer" click on this, select the teams and click create.

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