When a carer leaves there are a few steps you should take for your agency's records.

  1. Mark the carer as "Inactive"

    Mark your carer as "inactive" by marking their active contract(s) as finished. You can choose a reason why when doing this. This will move them from the "active" folder to the "inactive" folder and they cannot be allocated to visits.

    We recommend doing this step and not deleting the carer so that you can retain their record in case you need it later.

  2. Revoke access to the Carer Companion App

    Remove their user account so they no longer have access to the app/web environment. To do this go to the Accounts section and click on their name to open their user account. In the top right hand corner there will be three vertical dots. Click on those and select Delete.

    If the email address may need to be reused, you will need to amend the email address. Each email address can only be used once, even when an account is deleted.

    This will require a password and can only be done by the Admin or Branch Manager.

Subscriptions with managed devices

If you have a managed device, or Google account you will need to retrieve the phone from the carer and contact us at [email protected] with one of the following options:

  1. Swap the managed device to a new carer - We will remove the G Suite licence from their account and create a new user. You will need to remove the Google account from the managed device and add the new user that we set up.

  2. If the carer leaves with no replacement - We will remove the G Suite licence from their account and block the device from accessing Google apps including G mail.

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