It's common that carers & clients will no longer be needed on CareLineLive, for example their employment service contract has ended.

Your first instinct my be to delete the record, but you should consider the following when deciding whether is the right choice.

Deactivating or deleting?

Deleting a carer or client will remove them from your CareLineLive environment along with the history attached to that record. We would recommend adding a finish date to the carer or clients contracts which will move them to the inactive section within CareLineLive.

You will not be able to generate/add to bookings, however you will still have their full history available.

How to deactivate someone

Go to the Contracts section within their record and select the 3 vertical dots that you will see next to the contract and then click Edit.

All you need to do, is tick Finish, add a Finish date and if you want a to, add a reason. When you click save, you will then get an option to cancel any bookings that have been generated after the finish date. If a there is more than one contract against the client/carer, remember to finish them all.

Don't forget

If you've deactivated a carer, you will need to remove them from any allocations in client schedules.

Deleting a carer/client

To delete a carer or client, open their record and look for Danger Zone tab in the navigation on the left-hand side, or in the Actions section of the Overview tab.


To confirm the deletion, you'll first have to type their name and then confirm your password.

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