Open the Carers page from the main navigation. By default, this will only show active carers.

To add a new carer, click the :add: button in the top-right hand corner of the page to open the 'create carer' form.


First, select which team(s) the carer will belong to. If more than one team is selected, you will be asked to choose a default team.

From scratch, or from an existing user?

If the carer profile you're creating is for someone that already has a user account on the system, select the 'From Existing User' tab and select them from the list.

Otherwise, keep 'New Carer' selected and carry on with the rest of the form.

Name & basic information

Only the name fields are required here. With the rest, you can choose to add as much or little information as you want.

Obviously the more you put in, the more complete the record will be. Don't worry though, you can come back and fill in the rest later.

Contact details

You can add the carer's personal, as well as their work, email address. Add any phone numbers, and optionally add their address.

If you're going to be calculating travel payments, be sure to set the Address Type to 'Home'


None of this information is mandatory, but may be useful if integrating CareLineLive with third-party software (such as Sage for payroll).

Select the carer's transport type if you're going to be calculating travel payments, otherwise all payments will be calculated as if the carer is driving.


These options describe how the carer prefers to receive their Rota and Payslips. They will only have an effect when sending exported rotas/payslips in bulk.

Create a user account

If this carer is going to be logging into the Carer Companion App, you will need to create a user account for them.

Choose a password for them (be sure to write it down!)

All done!

Now you can click 'Create' to save the carer. You'll then be taken to their profile page.


The highlighted section shows that:

  1. The carer does not have an active contract.

  2. The carer does not have a user account.

Assign a contract

Select the Contract Type you want to assign from the dropdown box.

The 'Contract Name' field will be automatically set to the same name as the selected contract type, however you can change this if you want.

Choose the start date of the contract - the date that the contract becomes active. You can backdate this if necessary.

Click 'Create Contract' - the contract is now assigned!

More information on contract types can be found here: Carer Contracts.

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