Client records

The process for creating client records, is similar to creating carer records. Head to <Clients> and use the same <+> icon located in the top right hand corner.

This will bring up the client record form. Here fill out as much detail as you can, including the required fields: Client type, First and Last names.

You must also add an address, this is so that the carer can be shown where to go and so mileage can be calculated, if you pay it.



When the client record is created, the system will generate them a marker. This is the QR code that the carers will scan with their apps in order to check in or out. This can be printed off, or downloaded and attached to a care plan so it is readily available. To locate the marker, select the client and then in their record along the top of the page you will see a number of tabs, one of which states "Marker".

Client Service Contracts

When the record is first created, there will be no active service contract. The process for assigning a service contract is again similar to that of creating a carer contract, head to the Service Contracts tab in their record and click the + icon. Here you can choose which service contract you would like to assign to the client. If you would like to make changes to the contract for this client only, if you override any of the sections, it will allow you to amend for this contract only and will not affect the master. If there is more than one contract assigned, you will need to choose a default contract. This will be the one assigned first, unless chosen otherwise.

More information about these can be found in the article Client Service Contracts.

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