It is possible to use the map tool to see a map of your carer and client locations. This could help if you are looking to see which carers and clients are most convenient for visits to reduce travel time.


To view this, go to Tools > Map and you will see the map with your carer and client locations. There are 3 markers on the map:

  1. A purple client marker

  2. A green carer marker

  3. A red marker to show your head office

It is possible to filter the map to show:

  1. Carers and clients

  2. Just Carers

  3. Just Clients

On the right hand side, there is a list of your clients and carers (depending on which filters you have selected). By clicking on a name, the map will zoom in on that person's address.

By clicking on the three vertical dots next to their name, you can go to view their record.

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