A client's QR code, or marker, is created upon creation of the client record. You may, however, want to update that marker periodically to ensure that carers are checking in and out properly. When doing this, you should ensure that you delete, or deactivate the previous marker and remove it from the client's address.

To add a new client's marker, head to a client's record and click on their markers tab. Here you should see the marker that was created when the client was. It will also show how many times it has been used and when it was created.


There are two markers, the visit QR which will be used by carers to check in and out of the visit and the Care Circle QR which can be used to request temporary access to the care circle. Creating a new marker will create a completely new marker for each of these.

Click the :add: button to create a new marker, you will have the option to name it , otherwise the markers will just be numbered.

Once you have created your client's marker, you will need to update the marker at their address, to prevent carers checking in with the wrong one accidentally.

Lastly, once the markers have been swapped, you can deactivate the previous marker using the :delete: icon. You will not be able to delete a marker that has been used previously.

What happens if a deactivated marker is scanned?

If a carer scans a marker that has been deactivated, they will be able to check in as usual. However the visit will be marked as unconfirmed, showing that the carer scanned a marker that was deactivated before giving the date.

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