During your onboarding process we will have worked with you to set up Call Monitoring Thresholds,

one of which is Location. This threshold will alert you when a check in/out has been registered outside of the range that you have set. Here is a handy little guide in how to decipher the information that you will see in the bookings Check In Tab.


When checking the Location data, the first thing to check is the address/position of the pin in the map is correct for your client. Sometimes Google Maps does not get that quite right, so we need to amend. If the position is not correct, go to the Clients record, in their profile section you will be able to update location by selecting the icon to the right hand side of the address.

The expectation is that the carer will check in at the exact point the map pin touches the map.

Check Ins

If the address is fine, looking at the following will give you an indication of why the arrival distance is not matching the clients address. If you look at the check in you will see:

  • Distance: how far from the map pin, associated with the client's address, that the check in/out has been registered.

  • Accuracy: how accurate the location is. For example, 20m means they are in a 20 meter radius of where the phone has reported it is. On the map this is reflected by looking at the green/red circles. The bigger the circles, the lower the accuracy. The location is taken using the phone's GPS signal at the time, if this is not available then it goes back to either WI-FI or mobile data to triangulate the device's location. The app tries its best to get an accurate location, and this can sometimes result in a 5 second delay while it is trying. The accuracy should also continue to update until the check in/out is confirmed.

  • Freshness: X minutes before: how long before they pressed the check in/out button that the location was collected by the phone.

The greater the last two are, the less reliable the location is.

If you feel that the accuracy is correct of the location and the address is in the correct place, it could potentially mean that the carer was not at the clients address when they scanned the QR code and checked in. It has been known for carers to take a copy of the QR code, which they will then used to check in when they are not where they are supposed to be.

If you would like to rule this out as an option you may want to go to the clients profile and generate a new marker to be left at the clients house before removing and deactivating the previously used marker. You will get a notification if an older version of the marker had then been used to check in/out.

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