This allows you to set the amount of time in minutes either side of the scheduled start time of a shift or booking that is considered acceptable. The maximum value you can enter is 60 minutes.


The accepted distance in metres from the scheduled location of a shift or visit that should be accepted. This is calculated using the given address of the client on Google maps and the location settings on the phone when the carer checks in using the app. The maximum value you can enter is 500 metres.


The percentage of the scheduled duration of a shift or visit that is allowed to be over/under-run. For example, if the threshold is set to 10% a shift that is scheduled to last for 60 minutes can last between 54 and 66 minutes without the duration needing acknowledging in the unconfirmed bookings section. The maximum value you can enter is 100%

Scan delay

When the marker is scanned, the check/out won't be confirmed until the next screen where there is a check in/out button. The scan delay threshold relates to the amount of time between scanning the QR code and confirming the check in/out in minutes.


You can adjust the settings for these to suit your company's needs by heading to Settings > Roster > Thresholds and altering the sections as you need to. Confirm these changes by clicking <Save>.

Automatic confirmation

If a visited booking meets these requirements it will confirm automatically and will be ready to be included in payroll/invoicing. This setting is enabled by default in the master settings, but can be disabled either for all teams or on a per team basis. This will mean that you will need to confirm all your bookings, whether they meet the thresholds or not.

Confirmation type

Bookings can either be confirmed as a whole, or for each allocated carer. This has implications for invoicing & payroll. The default is Booking.

  • Booking - if multiple carers attend a booking, the confirmed duration will be the average of their durations from check ins.

  • Carer - if multiple carers attend a booking the confirmed duration will differ for each carer if there is a variation from check ins

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