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Roster update (July 2022)
Roster update (July 2022)
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We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on adding new features and improving performance of the roster and bring the client view in line with the carer view. Have a look at what’s new below.

Read more about the new changes in these articles:

Carers roster

Scheduled availability is now shown with less emphasis so you can focus on what needs to be done. Rather than being solid colour blocks, availability is now shown in a translucent green and unavailability is shown with red and white bars (don’t worry, the colour is still changeable if needed!)


Clients roster

The clients roster view has been updated to match the carers view. You can perform all of the same actions as the previous roster, and more.

Scheduled (unbooked) visits are shown to allow you to view the scheduled times if the booking has moved, or simply see what is expected to happen for all your clients each day. The new client’s roster is much quicker to load & interact with and the confirmation status of bookings is now shown to allow you to keep track of them.


General updates

Notifications when someone else makes a change

If someone else makes a change to the roster on the day that you’re currently viewing, you’ll be notified. If any of the changes they’ve made clash with any pending/unsaved changes, you’ll be notified and asked to whether you want to carry on with your changes.


Redesigned pop-ups


The booking pop-up now shows the same details as the full booking page, giving you access to more information about the booking, including check-ins, tasks, financials & audit without the extra time taken to open up the booking

See Booking Screen for more information.

The process for creating an ad-hoc booking has also been redesigned to give you more context about the different options that are available


And more:

  • Carer/Client photos are now shown on the roster

  • Improved drag & drop

  • Improved handling of large amounts of data

Roster overview

This is a brand new addition, allowing you to view an overview of your workforce for the selected period; see who’s on leave or available, and how much of their availability has been utilised.


Quickly allocate a carer to an unallocated booking by clicking on the square to indicate their day. Select allocate a booking and choose from a list of unallocated and partially allocated bookings.


This view also allows you to add availability, shifts, or leave. Selecting the option you would like before choosing any time parameters makes it a clearer process.

Carer/Client Agendas

Both the carer & client agenda screens have been updated to match the roster; bringing improved handling of multiple & clashing items, travel time estimates and more:

You can choose to show more than one week at a time to manage greater periods of time for an individual and save clicking through week to week.

Booking screen

The booking screen has been redesigned; it’s familiar in a lot of ways but we’ve focussed on providing more information about the current status of the visit without the need to open it up first.


  • You will no longer be able to update options directly from the overview. Click Edit next to the options you wish to change.

  • We now show more information about carer allocations directly on the overview, such as:

    • Travel/mileage settings

    • Whether a carer is billable/payable or not.

    • Any pay adjustments that have been added for the carer.

  • It’s easier to see if a booking is part of a round, and to add it to one if it’s not.

  • It’s now clearer if overlapping has been enabled on the booking.

  • See quickly if a note has been left in the visit with an icon next to carer notes.

  • Tasks and their current status is shown directly in the Overview

    • You can quickly reconcile tasks allocated to the booking.

    • The number of tasks set to occur in the visit is now shown in the title of the tasks tab


Map styling closely matches the Monitoring page. This allows you to quickly zoom into arrival/departure locations and keep track of check-ins in real time.


You can reconcile tasks directly from the tasks tab. This works in the same way as through the reconciliation tab. Click on the task, edit and select the task completion status needed.

Carer Notes

Quickly view any photos that have been attached to a note edit or delete anything that isn’t needed and view the edit history of a note too.


What has been invoiced and paid is now clearer in the financials tab. Here you can switch between the paid/invoiced amounts and the pre-committed amounts, change options related to pay/billing and open up the invoice or payslip these bookings are included within.
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