The roster settings can be found at the top right of the roster screen, using the :settings: icon. Use these settings to customise and control your roster.


This allows you to zoom in to increase the size of bookings if you need to make them more visible or easier to read.

Disable sticky rows

When sticky rows are enabled the unallocated row stays at the top of the visible portion of the roster. This means when you scroll down the page, your unallocated bookings are still visible, allowing you to move visits without having to drag them too far.

Disabling sticky rows means that the unallocated bar stays to the top of the roster screen and will move up and off the screen when scrolling to see carers further down the list. This option is useful if you have a large number of unallocated bookings at the same or similar times.

Hide cancelled bookings


As a default, every cancelled booking will still be shown on the roster screen. It will be shown in red but will act as if it is not there, meaning you can allocate other bookings in its place.

You can choose to hide these if you like or keep them visible to keep track of where regular bookings would be.

Disable travel

If you have the travel time estimates feature, you can choose whether or not these show on the roster screen, either a green or red bar will be shown between bookings indicating the estimated travel time between the two visits. There are different icons to denote different modes of transport and will be set to the carer's default transport type unless specified otherwise.


The green bar shows that there is likely enough time using the travel time estimates.


The red bar shows there is likely not enough time using the travel time estimates.

Disabling travel removes the bars from view should you not wish to see them.

This does not affect your ability to pay travel time.

Show unallocated rows for all teams

As a default, the unallocated row will only show if there are no bookings left to allocate, you can get this to show at all times if you prefer. This will allow you to drag and drop bookings back into the unallocated row if needed.

Show client priority


If you have set client priority within their records, this will show when the mouse cursor hovers above a booking. This option will show the priority colour for all clients where it has been set. This can be useful in the event of a contingency plan being put in place.

Auto-refresh (10s)

This will automatically refresh the roster every 10 seconds. This can pull though updates such as check ins/outs and confirmations for bookings.

You can also refresh the roster using the :sync: icon at the top right or by refreshing the browser.

Capacity tools

This links you to the capacity planning feature to allow you to check whether you are able to take on additional packages of care.

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