Using the carer view on the roster, you can now create rounds, to which you are able to attach bookings or schedule entries . This means that the particular set can be allocated to a carer with ease by clicking on the round bar and dragging it.


This is how a round might look in your roster page I have chosen the name "Round1" for this round. By clicking the bar across the top that says "Round1" you can drag everything attached to that round at the same time and allocate it to a different carer quickly.

Creating a round

There are 2 ways to create a round:

  1. Going to Rostering > Rounds and clicking on the + icon in the top right.

  2. Using the new roster in Rostering > Roster and right clicking on a booking. Here you can click <Add to round> to either add it to an existing round, or create a new round.

Adding a round to a schedule

If the bookings being attached to a round are regular, you can add the round into the client's schedule. Either when creating the schedule entry, or after by double clicking the entry and selecting it from the drop down menu.


This means the round will appear automatically when bookings are created from schedule entries rather than having to add bookings to it individually for every day. In the example above, the schedule entry is set to repeat, all of the days will be added to the same round for that day. This works best when either all the entries are scheduled to be with the same carer, or when they are unallocated as they will all appear together in the round.

Adding bookings to a round in the agenda/roster

You can also add bookings to a round in the agenda/roster pages. This is good when you are adding a booking to a round which is either an ad hoc booking, or not normally in the round. To do this:

  1. Right clicking on the booking in the client view of the roster, then selecting a round. If the round has been allocated but the booking has not already allocated to the correct carer, you will then need to drag it to the carer. It doesn't matter whether you assign the round or drag the booking first. You can use ctrl click (command click for mac users) to select multiple bookings

  2. Selected from the drop down menu when creating the booking, or by double clicking a made booking in the roster or agenda and searching for the add to round option on the right hand side under the client's name and contract details.

  3. Select multiple bookings in the roster page using ctrl and click (command click for apple users) and click on the actions button in the bottom left corner and select <Add to round> where you can choose from a list of previously created rounds or create a new round.

If unallocated bookings are added to a round, a new row will appear in the roster below the "Unallocated" row named for the round it is in. This is to differentiate them from unallocated visits that are not part of rounds.

It is not possible to move the time of a created round as a whole, but you are able to move individual bookings within the round. If there is more than one carer on these calls, these will be updated too as normal.

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