Rounds is a new feature to help you organise your scheduled and booked visits. You can group multiple visits into a round, that can be easily allocated to a carer. First, set up your rounds in the Rostering > Rounds section. When creating/updating a scheduled visit or booking, select the round if applicable.

Rounds will be shown on the roster (new version only) as a blue bar stuck to the top of the bookings within the round. Click and drag the round to allocate all of the bookings at once. Unallocated rounds will be given their own 'sticky' row at the top of the roster. Each booking within the round can still be changed individually.

Roster Improvements

A number of changes have been made to the roster screen (new version only), namely:

  • Variable height rows, that grow with the number of stacked items. Particularly useful in the Unallocated row.

  • More intelligent stacking of events; you should find it less buggy and neater.

  • Right-click context menus. You can now right click on a booking or a selection of bookings to bring up the Actions menu.

  • A lick of paint:

    • Some of the default colours have been slightly adjusted to be more readable.

    • We now use outlined blocks to indicate an event is scheduled, but hasn't been completed yet.

    • Client's last name is shown first in booking events.

  • New version of the roster is now the default. You are still able to switch back.

Let us know what you think

We're hoping this set of changes will improve your day to day rostering, and as always we want to hear your opinions and feedback. Get in touch with us at [email protected]

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