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Clients and carers both have a schedule and an agenda, this article will break those down to show what they are used for and how you can use them when rostering.

What's the difference?

In essence, the difference is planned vs actual. The Schedule is the plan for a client or carer and the agenda is what is actually happening.

Below, these will be broken down to further explain them.


The schedule can be seen as a template or mould. Depending on whether it is a client or carer schedule, this will be where you can enter either regular calls for clients, or availability/shifts for carers. For more information on scheduling check out creating a client schedule.

The client schedule is where you would input the agreed or expected calls for a client. If the client has regular calls then you can enter this in and these can be used to create bookings in bulk to save time.

A schedule entry is not a live booking and will not appear on the rota or on the app. These will need to be generated from Bookings > Unallocated.

In the schedule you can also set an alternating schedule cycle for when a client has multiple weeks.


The Carer schedule is where you can enter either availability or shifts.

When shifts are scheduled in, this is similar to bookings on the client schedule in that these will need to be created under Rostering > Shifts > Scheduled. See Rostering Using Shifts.

Availability set in the schedule will appear on the roster or the agenda. Scheduled availability will always show that it is scheduled in both screens. Either availability or unavailability can affect allocation if you apply restrictions in the settings.


The agenda shows what is actually happening for the week. This will show both bookings and any schedule entries that bookings have not yet been created from. Here you can create one-off bookings for a client and shifts for a carer. The agenda can also be a

Bookings created in the agenda will be one-off events.

The agenda also shows the status of bookings, including:

  • Whether they are allocated or not

  • If they have been visited

  • If they are confirmed

  • Cancelled calls

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