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The overview layout of the roster allows you to view utilisation and availability over an extended period of time. Where the grid layouts will only show you a day at a time, the overview can show weeks or a month.

The overview is only available with a carers view currently.


Each cell represents a summary of the carer’s status on that day; there are 8 different states:


Carer is available and has no worked booked.



Carer is not available.



Carer is already working, but we don’t know their availability.


Working (high availability)

Carer is working and they have lots of capacity for more work.


Working (medium availability)

Carer is working and they have some capacity for more work.


Working (low availability)

Carer is working but they have limited availability for more work.



Carer doesn’t have an active contract.


On leave

Carer is on leave.




Hovering over a cell will show more information about the carer’s activity on that day, including how many bookings/shifts they have and how much of their availability has been utilised.

Unallocated row

For any days where there are unallocated visits, a row will be shown at the top of the grid. Each cell will show you how many unallocated bookings there are, as well as how many clients are uncovered.

Clicking the cell will allow you to view a list of the unallocated bookings.


Each cell allows you to perform actions for the carer on that day.

Allocate to a booking

Shows a list of unallocated bookings that the carer can be allocated to. Each booking will tell you how many carers are expected to attend, and any carers that are already attending.

Click the :person_add: button to allocate the carer.


Add availability

Quickly add ad-hoc availability for a carer on the chosen day. Make sure to change the times!

Add new shift

Add a shift for carer on the given day.

Add new booking

Create a new ad-hoc booking for the carer.

View agenda

Open the carer’s agenda starting on the chosen day. This allows you to see more information about their availability and their current allocations.

View travel

See the bookings that the carer is taking on a map for the chosen day.

If you have Travel Time Estimates enabled, journeys will be visible on the map.


By default the next 7 days are shown when switching to the overview.

To change the visible date range, click the date picker at top of the page.

Inactive carers

If you wish to show inactive carers on the overview, click the :settings: button at the top of the page, and enable Show inactive carers.

If a carer’s contract finishes in the middle of the selected date range, they’ll still be shown.

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