If you pay carers for their mileage and travel time, you can opt to add this into their contracts. To enable this, head to Carers > Contract types. Here you can either select an existing contract, or create a new one. Scroll down until you reach payment calculation and you will find the mileage options. Alternatively, you can adjust this for individual carers by going to Carers > [Carer's name] > Contracts and then editing the necessary contracts.

To calculate mileage, addresses will need to be given for the clients as it uses the Google Maps location to calculate the distance between them. This means that two consecutive visits at the same address will not generate any mileage paid.


Here we have a few options:

  • Pay mileage - Defines whether bookings on this contract will accrue mileage.

  • Use custom mileage rates - Allows you to override the mileage rates for carers on this contract. Read more here.

  • Pay for travel time - If carers are paid for travel time, you can enable this here. You can set this to pay using the carer's hourly rate, or set an amount per minute travelled.

    The travel time is calculated using Google Map's estimate of how long it should take to travel between the two addresses with the carer's default method of transport and not the time between the two bookings. If there is 30m left between two bookings and Google Maps calculates that it should take 20m, the carer will get 20m of travel time. You are able to optionally limit the amount of travel time that can be generated.

  • Include mileage time to and from home (must pay mileage) - Carers can accrue mileage to and from home if they have an address in the system.

  • Include travel time to and from home (must pay travel time) - Travel time is paid to and from the carer's address.

    If you are paying for travel time or mileage to and from home, you can set a minimum journey length. This is the minimum amount of either mileage or time that needs to have been travelled before pay is calculated.

Mileage Settings

You can adjust the settings for how mileage is calculated by going to Settings > Mileage. There is both a master setting for mileage as well as settings for individual teams which you can select from the dropdown menu in the right hand side. If a team does not have specific mileage settings, it will inherit the master setting.


It is possible to set different mileage rates for different modes of transport. This will use the default mode of transport listed in the carer's record in the profile tab.

These rates can be overridden in either a contract type, or when allocating a contract to a carer.


There are three thresholds you can define to adjust how mileage is calculated. These are:

  1. Visit order - Calculate mileage from either:

  • Planned visit order - This means that mileage calculations are made from the scheduled start and finish times and locations of the visit

  • Actual - This means that the mileage calculations are made from where and when the shift actually took place. For example, if a carer checks out 5 minutes early, the maximum gap would be calculated from 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled one.

Maximum gap - The maximum time between visits that carers are still paid mileage for. This takes into account whether the planned or actual visit order has been used.

Minimum gap for paid commute (Only applies when paying mileage to and from home) - The minimum amount of time that must pass between bookings in order for it to count as a split shift and pay mileage home and back out again between the bookings.

Fidelity - The distance estimate of the journey using Google maps. This can be set for:

  • Postcode - Only the post code is used when estimating distance. Note that this may be inaccurate if the target post code covers a large area.

  • Full address - The street address is used.

  • Geocoded location - The coordinates resulting from geocoding, which is the same process as used for Full Address estimates; however, any manual adjustment to address coordinates will be taken into consideration with this option.

What to do if your mileage doesn't look right

If you think your mileage is not calculating correctly, there are a number of areas that you should check.

  • Make sure the visit has been confirmed.

  • Check the settings for the team to see if they are different from the master.

  • Make sure that the client's address is in the correct location by checking the pin in their client profile.

  • Check the fidelity isn't set to postcode as this can be too broad an area if two visits are in the same postcode.

  • Check the maximum gap isn't too high, or low.

  • Check to see if their contract is set up to pay mileage and mileage to and from home.

  • Check to see how much you are paying for mileage.

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