Travel time estimates are a paid feature, if you’d like to enable it for your environment get in touch with [email protected]

Whether you have a handful of service users or hundreds, distance is always a factor when trying to maximise the efficiency of your workers’ daily rounds.

Our Travel Time Estimates feature gives you an indication of the time needed to travel between visits. Using the Google Maps platform, we aim to give the most accurate estimation of the journey the care worker will take, and how long it will take them to do it. Estimates will be calculated whether they’re driving, walking, cycling, or even taking public transport.

Once activated, a non-intrusive indicator is displayed on the roster screen that gives a graphical representation of the travel time estimate.

Clicking on the indicator will show you more detailed information about the journey, including distance and expected route, as well as time.


As you shift bookings around, you’ll be prompted to update and display travel estimates for the new running order so you can check it’s suitable before committing any changes.


Clicking the carer’s name on the left hand side of the roster will show their route for that day.

Travel estimates for different modes of transport

The carer’s Transport Type will dictate which mode of transport will be considered when calculating the estimate. You can change their transport by opening the carer’s profile tab, then clicking the Edit button in the ‘Other’ section at the bottom.

Gaps between visits

It’s often not needed to calculate a travel estimate if the gap between bookings is too long; the carer’s shift may have ended, they may be having lunch, or performing other duties.

By default we will exclude calculations for any visits that are more than 2 hours apart. You can change this setting in Settings > Roster > Journeys > Journey Calculation Threshold.

Delays when a change is saved

It may take a short amount of time before the journey can be calculated and displayed. Once a change is saved, the calculation will be run in the background. Once the result is ready the roster screen will update automatically. The results will be calculated as quickly as possible, but in times where there is a lot to process it may take a minute or two.

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