If you want to provide a copy of the agenda for the client there are two options to achieve this, both of which can be used for either individual clients or for multiple:

  • Email the agenda directly to the client.

  • Generate a PDF for printing. (This can also be emailed)

Email or print in bulk

Head to Clients → Export → Agenda.

Here, you can see a list of clients and select whether you want to email their agenda, generate a pdf for printing, or both. If you have selected an agenda preference, this should automatically be selected from the list. Check the date range at the top of the screen to make sure you are sending the agenda for the correct dates.



  • Send email - this will send an email to all the clients selected and to the email shown next to the client's name. This will be the personal email address in their contact information.

  • Export for printing - this will generate a single PDF file containing the agendas of all clients and will email this to the user who carries out this action. This allows you to print off all the agendas at once. There will be an address for a DL envelope window included as a default, but this can be removed.

Both options show the dates before you send/export so you can check you are exporting the correct days.

Individual agendas

To email or generate a single client agenda go to the client you wish to do this for, head to their agenda page and choose the week you wish to send. On the right hand side, you should see 3 vertical dots, click this and select either the print, or email option.


Once you have selected, you will be asked to review the dates. If you select email then the email will be sent directly to the client, if you select print an email will be sent to you with the PDF so you can either forward this on or print it off for sending.

Carer agendas

The same process can be used to export and either email, or print a carer's rota too. To do this, head to Carers → Export → Agenda and follow the steps in the same way as above.

Configuring the export

There are a handful of options that allow you to change how the agenda is displayed.



Export type

Name formatting

Choose whether the carer's full name should be displayed, initials only, or not at all.

Carers & Clients

Include cancelled bookings

Whether cancelled bookings should be shown.

Carers & Clients

Hide carer photos

Hide the carer's profile photo


Hide client's address

Remove the client's address


Show client's phone number

Whether to show the client's phone number


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