If you have a managed handset from us that you'd like to re-allocate to a new carer, this article will guide you through the process of resetting the phone and setting up the new account.

Before you start:

Please ensure you have the listed information before you get started with the process; if you're missing anything or not sure, drop us a line.

  • G-Suite email address and password

    • Email - normally given in the format first-name.<last-name>@<your-subdomain>.carelinelive.com.

    • Password - would be provided to you by the support team.

  • Phone number

    • The last four digits of the phone number must be set as the PIN code for the device.

  • Wi-Fi details

    • Setting up the phone will be faster if connected to your WiFi network.

Factory Resetting the Phone (if required)

If you are working with a brand new handset, you can skip this step. However, if you are reallocating a phone to a new user you will need to Factory Reset the phone first.

First remove the current Google account.

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Open Users & Accounts.

  3. Tap the existing account.

  4. Tap Remove Account.

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Open System settings.

  3. Press Reset, and then Factory Data Reset.

  4. Press Reset Phone, enter the device passcode, and then Erase Everything.

Once complete the phone will be wiped clean and ready to be set up again.

Setting up the Phone

When the phone is turned on, you will be prompted with a Welcome screen and asked to select your language. Select English (United Kingdom) and continue.

Welcome to your phone

Get connected

Connect to your WIFI network. If the phone has a SIM card you can skip this step if necessary, however we would recommend that you connect to WIFI in order to save mobile data usage.

Copy apps & data

Select Don't Copy

About your Privacy (Motorola only)

Press Accept and Continue.

Google Sign In

These are the credentials provided to you by CareLineLive.

Enter the Email Address and click Next.

Do not use your personal Google account

When prompted enter the Password for the account. You may make the password visible by tapping the button on the right hand side of the field.

Once the sign in process has finished, you may be asked to agree to Google’s Terms of Service. Click I Agree.

You may then be asked Let's set up your work device. Accept and continue.

Google Services

This is to enable your location services, allow the handset to detect WIFI and provides usage data -

Select More, followed by Accept.

How will you use this phone

Keep your work at your fingertips - next

You will have a choice to set up

  • Use for work only - select

  • Use for work & personal. - don't select

(This is intended for users that use their own devices, and allows them to separate their Personal and Work accounts. As the phone is intended purely for business purposes we only want a work profile set up.)

Set up your work phone

Set a screen lock, Start

Select PIN, and when prompted enter the last 4 digits of the phone number as the PIN, tap Next, and then enter the PIN again to confirm.

You will now be asked how notifications should be shown when the device is locked. Select Show sensitive content only when unlocked and tap Done.

You will be prompted to Install work apps, select install, then Next. Click Done under You're ready for work!

(The following is for devices running Android 7 and below, if this does not appear on your phone, please ignore)

Google Device Policy

All GSuite accounts require Device Management to be enabled. This allows the device to be blocked and wiped remotely in the event that it is lost or stolen; preventing access to sensitive data.

You will be prompted to install Google Apps Device Policy, click Install.

Once installed, you will be a brief description of the Google Apps Device Policy app. Click Next and Allow the requested permissions.

Activate Device Admin App

Activating the Google Apps Device Policy app as a device administrator allows it to perform the necessary actions needed for remote management.

Scroll down and tap Activate.

Confirm Enforcement

You will shown a list of policies that the Device Policy app will enforce. Tap Enforce.


Next you will be shown the current enforcement status of the policies. You may have policies that require attention, tap Next.


You will be taken back to the policy status screen. All policies should now be compliant. Tap Next.

Google Services

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap I Agree.

Google Assistant

Assistant is a service provided by Google and whilst not required for CareLineLive, it doesn’t hurt to have it enabled. Tap Next, then scroll to the bottom of the next screen and tap Turn On. If you don’t want to enable Google Assistant you can tap No Thanks.

Anything Else

Here you will be asked if you want to add any other email accounts, or review additional apps. Tap All Set.

This is the end of the Android set up process, and you may be shown additional set up wizards following.

Moto: Give Moto permission to help you

Scroll to the bottom, and leave I agree unticked. Tap Next.

Outlook: Accounts

As we are using G Suite, emails will be automatically added to the Gmail app and Outlook is unnecessary. Untick each account and tap Skip.

Outlook will ask you if you want to add an account. Tap Skip.

Installing CareLineLive

The CareLineLive Carer Companion app will be automatically installed in most cases, however in the event that it isn’t you will need to install it from Google Play.

Open the Google Play app and search for CareLineLive. Tap Install. Once complete it will be added to the phone home screen.

You can now log into the CareLineLive app. Please note the CareLineLive credentials may differ from the G Suite credentials.

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