Each user account needs to have at least one user role assigned to it. This governs the access that the account will have within the management portal and/or the app. There are preset roles with differing levels of access and all roles are fully amendable to allow you to set your roles to your needs. User accounts can all have multiple user roles if needed.

Assigning a user role

User roles are initially assigned when the user account is created. The dropdown menu at the end of the form allows you to select the role(s). Alternatively, once a user account has been created, you can assign additional roles, or amend the role currently assigned. To do this, head to Accounts and select the user you wish to amend. On the right hand side, select manage roles and choose the role(s) you need from the dropdown before saving.

Carer, Client and Care Circle

When assigning a user role, you will notice that you are unable to select the carer, client and care circle user roles. In order to assign these roles, you must either create a carer or client record, or invite a person to view the care circle for a particular client.


The carer user role is the only role that has access to the app, it is possible to assign this role to a user account with access to the management portal to allow them to use the same credentials for both. You will need to create the carer record from within the user account by using the :more_vert: option in the top right and selecting make user a carer.


Alternatively, you can create the carer record first, there is a prompt to create the carer’s user account within and any additional roles can be added afterwards.


Permissions matrix


To amend the role permissions, you can use the permissions matrix. In the Accounts section, select :settings: roles to show this.

The roles will be shown across the top of the page in order of most permissions on the left to least permissions on the right. You are able to amend the name of the user role by clicking on it at the top.

The permission groups will be shown down the left hand side of the page in alphabetical order, and you will be able to see how many permissions within the group a particular role has, as well as a colour code - green to indicate that that role has all permissions within a group, a faded green to indicate that there is at least one permission assigned within the group, and grey to indicate that there are no permissions within that group assigned.

Amending a role

To amend a role, click on the permission group to expand it and reveal the individual permissions within, there will be a tick box grid for all roles allowing you to update multiple roles at once. When you have made. your amendments, click Preview and Save in the bottom right corner to bring up a list of any roles changed, and the permissions changed within. Click save to finalise, or cancel to continue amending, or reset back to the last saved point.


It is strongly recommended that you contact support prior to amending any user roles so we can help you achieve the results you are looking for.

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