It's easy to record either one-off charges or credits for a client, we refer to these as Transactions. Transactions are a way to credit or debit a fixed amount.

To find the transactions page, first open up the client's profile and then Financial → Transactions.

On the right, you will see a list of previous transactions for the client.

You can either add an extra charge, or schedule a payment to be made to them should the need arise. To do this, click on the :add: button in the top right hand corner. The following menu will appear:


First, select whether you will be Crediting or Debiting the client.

Next fill out the details of the transaction, including the amount and what the transaction is for.

Select the Date, and select whether this is going to be a standalone transaction or linked to a booking.


A standalone transaction will be included on an invoice by itself. The selected date will dictate which invoice run it is included in.

Optionally select a buyer for transaction. If left blank, the transaction will be charged to default buyer for an invoice.

Linked to booking


If you've chosen to link to a booking, you'll next need to select the booking from a list. You'll only be able to pick from the client's booking from the chosen date.

The transaction will be included as a line item for the booking charges. You will not be able to select the buyer for the invoice as it will be inherited from the service contract associated with the booking.

Once you are happy, click Create. The transaction will then be processed as part of the next invoice run covering this date.

Use cases

Monthly fixed rate

If you have a client who is charged a fixed monthly rate regardless of visits, you can do this using the debit option mentioned above. To do this, make sure that all the charge rates in their contract are set to £0.00 and then you will be able to allocate bookings without incurring extra charges. It also means you are able to schedule their payments in advance and post-date it so you can add in multiple months worth at a time.

You will still need to generate an invoice for this client either individually or as part of a run.

One-off charges relating to a visit

Occasionally you may need to add an ad-hoc charge for a visit, such as shopping or additional mileage.

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