Certain invoice settings can be set for individual and global buyers. To amend these, head to People > Buyers and select the buyer you need to amend. You will need to make sure you select the tab called Buyers within.


Display density - Controls how the items appear and how much detail should be shown. See Invoice Settings for more info.

Show service contract for bookings - Displays the name of the contract. This can be useful if the client has bookings across multiple contracts.

Group by service contract - If the client is on multiple service contracts, it will separate the items by contract, as well as by the chosen display density.
Show client address on invoice export and PDF - The buyers address will be used instead by default, this allows you to add the client's address as well as the buyers.

Invoice footers

Invoice page footer - This allows you to override the default invoice page footer.

Invoice footer - This allows you to override the default invoice footer.

Delivery and payment method

Invoice delivery Preference - Set the delivery preference for email or printing. This will pre-select the relevant choice when using the deliver option in an invoice run.

Payroll department code - Assign a payroll department code.

Default payment method - Select a default payment method e.g. cheque, direct debit.

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