CareLineLive can help you generate invoices based on visits and transactions within the system.

Before visits can be invoiced to a client, you must first ensure all bookings have been completed and confirmed. Read confirming bookings for more information.

Each client will need to be set up with a Buyer. By default the client is set up as self-funding, meaning they are their own buyer. See buyers.

Clients would have been given a Service Contract before any bookings could be created for them. Service Contracts define how invoices are calculated. See Client Service Contracts.

Generating Invoices

Open the Invoice Runs page in the Financial section of the navigation and click the + icon to start a new invoice run. There are a few options you can configure:

If your environment is set up with multiple teams you can select which teams to include in this run.

Give the invoice run an easily identifiable name. This will be generated by default.

You have the option to select the date range that you wish to pick up billable items for. If the From date is left empty, the system will include any items that haven't previously been picked up. Note that dates are inclusive.

Filter service contract types

Create an invoice run only for the contracts you select.

Filter buyer

Create an invoice run only for the buyers you select.

Create separate invoices for each team

If a client is part of more than one team, you can create a separate invoice for each team that bookings have been assigned to.

Click Create to start generating the invoices. The process may take a few minutes.

Include bookings/Include transactions

Both are included as a default. You can choose whether bookings or transactions (see here) are included in an invoice run.

Viewing Invoices

Once the run has started calculating invoices, a list will be shown showing the status of each invoice. When an invoice has finished calculating you can open it to view additional details.

At the top of the screen you have the opportunity to change the buyer and address if necessary.

In the Items section, you will see a breakdown of each item that the invoice consists of, including a breakdown of the different components that create the total for that item. You can modify the items if required by clicking on them.

You can Recalculate the invoice if you wish to reset any modifications that have been made, or any changes have been made to contracts or affected bookings.

The invoice can be deleted if you wish to remove it from that particular invoice run.


Once you have reviewed the generated invoices, open the Invoice Run and click the Issue button. At this point each invoice will be given an Invoice Number, as well as an Invoice Date.

When an invoice has been issued, you are then able to email it directly from CareLineLive to the Buyer (if they have an associated email address). You can do this by opening the invoice and clicking the paper plane icon at the top of the screen.


There are a number of options for exporting an invoice run. Click the Export button at the top right of the invoice run screen.

Summary (PDF) will give you a cover sheet containing a summary of each invoice

Summary (Excel) contains a similar summary in Excel format

PDF will generate a single PDF containing each invoice, which allows for easy printing. As the process can take a few minutes, the file will be emailed to you once done.

Zip File a compressed file containing the individual PDFs for each invoice

You can also generate a PDF for a single invoice by clicking the PDF button in the top right of the invoice detail screen.

Emailing Invoices

Open the invoice and click the paper plane icon in the top-right of the screen to email the invoice to the buyer. To email an invoice, the invoice's buyer must first have an email address on their profile.

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