Similarly to requirements, it is possible to list the various qualifications your carers have either achieved or are training towards. You can also use the training section on the carer profile to keep track of their progress in achieving new qualifications. It is possible to make a qualification a requirement for a carer too.

Qualification Classes

Before you start adding qualifications, you need to create qualification classes. These are the overarching groups that the individual qualifications fall into. For example - Diplomas, Certificates, NVQs are all qualification classes, and the specific area they cover, such as fire safety or first aid, are the qualifications.

To create qualification types, go to Settings > Employees > Qualification Classes, click on the + icon in the top right hand corner and fill out the form that appears.


Here you must enter a name and you can choose to enter a description to easily differentiate between qualification classes. Click create and the new qualification class will be created.

Adding qualifications

To add new in new qualifications, go to Settings > Employees > Qualifications. Use the + icon in the top right corner to add in a new qualification.


Once you have clicked the + icon, this form will appear:


Here you can enter:

  • The name of the qualification.

  • A short description.

  • The Qualification class - These need to be defined in Qualification Classes before they can be selected from the drop down menu. (See above)

  • Length of course in days.

  • How many days the qualification is valid for.

Once the qualification has been created, you can then assign it to a carer.

Assigning qualifications and Training

Go to the carer's training tab by heading to Carers > [carer's name] > Training. This is where you can add in any qualifications the carer has and any that they are currently working towards.

To add these in, click <Schedule training> or the + icon on the right hand side and fill out the resulting form.

  1. Choose the qualification you wish to add from the drop down menu. You can either scroll down to find it or type it in using the search bar.

  2. Expiry date -This is used to keep track of when qualifications need to be updated. This will have a countdown in days beneath the expiration date.

  3. Outcome - Choose from: Pass or Fail. If the qualification has not been completed, this section can be left blank to show that the carer is training towards it.

  4. Date obtained - The date that the outcome was obtained.


  • If a qualification is listed as a requirement for a carer, adding in a completion of "pass" will automatically update it for the carer in the requirements section. To list a qualification as a requirement for a carer, it must be added as a qualification and as a requirement.

  • If a carer qualification requirement is marked as complete without a training record, or an expiration date, then the requirement may revert to pending.

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