Carer compatibility can be set for clients to help when allocating carers. This can make it so only certain carers can/can't go, or are just preferred by the client. This enables a greater level of control to make sure the client is seen by the best care staff for them.

Adding carer compatibility

Carer compatibility is added from within the client's record, in the people tab. Click on the :add: button and fill in the form. You must choose an "Action" and "Kind" to determine which carers are compatible.


There are 4 actions that can be set for compatibility, these are all set

  • Warn - You are still able to allocate the carer to the booking but a warning will be shown.

  • Exclude - You will be unable to allocate the carer.

  • Preferred - Preferred carers show at the top of the dropdown list when allocating.

  • Only - Creates a list where only the carers that match the criteria can attend bookings for that client.


The kind is the attribute that will be set against the action, there are 6 that can be used.

  • Carer - Choose individual carers.

  • Gender - Carers of the chosen gender. The carer's gender information must be set for this to apply.

  • Vaccinated - Cares who have been vaccinated against specific diseases.

  • Qualification - Carers who hold the chosen qualification.

  • Requirement - Carers who possess a specific requirement.

  • Requirement template - Carers who possess the specific requirement template.

Reasons and comments

You can add a reason when adding compatibility, this will be shown when allocating the carers. There is also the opportunity to add comments, these will only show in the compatibility section.

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