Vaccination progress is accelerating throughout the world, and often it's important to track which of your carers have received their vaccinations.

On a carer's profile, you'll find a Vaccinations card on the right hand side. This will list any vaccinations that have been recorded.


Adding a new vaccination

Click the + button in the top-right of the card. Next, select the Disease from the drop-down. Only COVID-19 is listed for now, but we will be allowing you to add to this list in the future.

Pick the Date that the vaccination was administered, and optionally any additional comments.

Click Save to add the record.


Removing a vaccination

It's not possible to modify a vaccination record once it's been added, however you are able to remove it and re-add it without any hassle. Simply click the overflow button (three-dots) to the right of the record and choose Delete.

Requiring vaccination for client visits

It's possible to add a compatibility rule to restrict which carers are allowed to visit certain clients. If you wish to only allow vaccinated carers to visit a certain client, choose Vaccinated from the Kind dropdown, and then select the Disease from the dropdown. Make sure to pick Only as the type if you only want vaccinated carers to attend.

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