When a staff member leaves your organisation, you will need to revoke their access to CareLineLive, this includes carers using the app. This will prevent them from logging in and viewing your information. The best way to do this is to delete their account.

Deleting a user account

To delete a user account, head to the accounts page and select the user you wish to delete. In the top right corner of the screen you should see the :more_vert: button. Click on that and select delete user, you will need to enter your password to confirm.


Setting an expiration date

To set an account expiry date ahead of schedule, in the person's user account as before. In the actions menu on the right hand side, you should see :person_off: Set expiry date. Set the expiry date and time in the resulting menu and their account will be inactivated at that time.


If a user account has an expiration date, you are able to see and remove that if you need to give them access again.


Restoring a deleted account

If you have deleted a user account, you can restore it if you need to give that person access again. To do this, you will need to go to Accounts, and use the :add: button as you would to create a new user account. Use the same email address for the account you wish to restore and at the end of the creation process, a prompt will appear stating that there is an archived account with that email address and would you like to restore it.

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