A team allows you to group together your carers, clients & user accounts. Teams can be mixed & matched or remain totally separate from each other.

Because of this, they can be quite complex to manage. It’s our recommendation that you consider all possible implications before setting up a new team. We would normally recommend using teams to host separate branches.

If we take two branches as an example; more often than not, staff will be allocated to a different roster of clients. Teams can be used to create this separation and make sure your carers aren’t being sent on a grand tour of the country on their days shift!

However, be wary of the limitations that incorrect usage of teams can introduce.


It’s possible to create invoice and payroll runs for all teams, or individual teams.

Assigning the wrong team to a carer/client can result in them being missed from an invoice or payroll run.

Service Contract Types and Contract Types need to be assigned to the correct teams.


By default, each setting that can be configured has a "master" value which is applicable to the whole system.

Many options also allow per-team configuration, for example:

  • Company contact details

  • Mileage settings & rates

  • Travel time estimate settings

  • Roster confirmation thresholds

  • Publishing

User accounts

When a user that is logged into the management portal is assigned to multiple teams, they can pick which teams are currently visible using the dropdown in the top-right hand corner of the screen.

If not all teams are selected, certain carers or clients may not be visible.

If you've chosen to implement multiple teams, you'll end up having at least one user account with access to all teams.

Carers & Clients

Each Carer and Client needs to be allocated to at least one team. Carers & clients can be allocated to multiple teams if needed.

A carer has to be on the same team as a client to be allocated to their calls.

More often than not, clients would never be required to belong to multiple teams. On the other hand, a carer or user account may belong to multiple teams if a carer is regularly or temporarily attending visits for clients for another team.

Team groups

A fairly recent addition addition to CareLineLive will allow you group teams together, making it easy to switch to the teams you need.

For example, a single branch may have distinct teams within it; such as Home Care & Live-In. You can set up a group for these teams to make it easier to select and report on all teams within that branch.

Note that this is only useful if you have multiple teams.

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