Along with daily medications, often a need arises to offer a medication which is taken as needed or what is referred to as PRN medication. Here we will give you some guidelines on how to set this up within you CareLineLive environment.


When adding the medication in the medical section, PRN can be added next to the medication i.e. PRN Paracetamol, so your carers can clearly see what type of medication it is, along with dose to be given if the medication is required.

Task Completion Status

A new task completion status for the carer to select when offering PRN meds can also be created. To create a new status, you would go to Settings and then Tasks, and by selecting the + icon you can create a new status...generally what has been used is PRN accepted and if you would like to you can also add PRN refused. When creating these statues you will have the option to make the task alertable and/or mandatory for a comment to be left by the carer.


When creating a task for PRN medication, you will need to create a task for every time period that the medication can be offered. This is done in the same way as with all other tasks (Tasks (Spring 2021 update)).

When using the app, carers can then select an appropriate completion status for the medication. The carer will be able to see the previous time each medication was given beneath the task to prevent medication being administered too soon after the last dose.

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