Often the need will arise for you to send a message out to your team. Using the Announcement feature, you can send a message to your office-based staff which will appear on their dashboard. If you need to get the message out to your carers you have the option to do so via email.

Creating an Announcement

You will find Announcements within the Dashboard section of the main menu. To create a new announcement, click the :add: button to the right of the page, adding a Title as well as Content.


Decide who you would like to share the message with, it could be carers or office staff or both!

If you have more than one Team, you can select which teams you would like to receive the message

Publishing an announcement

Once you have created your announcement if you are not ready to send it out, click save and this will then save as a draft for future use.

By selecting Publish Now, this will give you the option to publish the announcement to the Office staff Dashboard (which will only happen if office staff have been selected from Who can see this announcement?).

Selecting Publish now also reveals the option to send the announcement via email. The email will be sent to the email address that was used to create their user account located in Accounts. If you do not want an email sent, unselect the box.

Managing announcements

Every announcement you create has a :more_vert: button to the right which when selected offers you the following:

Edit – any amendments made will be reflected in the dashboard only, updates will not be sent via email

Publish/un-publish – If you have saved the announcement as a draft, you can publish. If you wish to remove the announcement from the dashboard, you can unpublish.

Delete – This will delete the announcement from this section as well as the Dashboard.

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