If a booking was made but needs to be cancelled you are able to cancel it, rather than deleting it so it will show up on your records as such.

To do this, find the booking you wish to cancel. This can be done via:

  • Selecting a booking from the bookings page.

  • Selecting one or more booking(s) from the roster using ctrl + click (⌘ + click for Mac users) and use the actions button or right clicking the booking.

Selecting a booking from the bookings page

Head to Rostering > Bookings. Scroll to the right day and find the booking from the list. Click on it to open it up.

In the top right hand corner, there will be an option to cancel the booking.


Clicking this button will bring up this menu:


Once you have ticked the box saying "Are you sure you want to cancel this booking" you will get these two options:

  • Charge the client for this cancellation

  • Pay carers for this cancellation

You can also enter a reason why it was cancelled so there is a record on the system of it.

Once you have done this, click <Cancel booking> and the booking will be cancelled and it will show up red in the booking. The booking will turn red in the agenda but will be removed from the roster.


Cancelling multiple bookings

You can cancel multiple bookings at the same time - to do this head to either the roster screen or the carer/client agenda. Use ctrl + click (cmd + click for apple users) to select multiple bookings at once. Either use the actions button at the bottom left, or right click on one of the bookings and select 'Cancel booking(s)'


When you click cancel, you will be presented with a new menu asking if you want to cancel these bookings and whether you want to charge the client and/or pay the carer for these bookings. You can also include a cancellation type, and a reason for why they were cancelled. The reason will initially be filled in by the cancellation type, but this can be overridden by typing in your own reason in the field.


Cancellation types

When cancelling a booking, you have the option to choose from a list of cancellation types. This list can be amended if you need to add in extra reasons.

To do this, head to Bookings from the navigation bar, and select Cancellation Types in the bottom left of your screen.

You can click on a cancellation type to edit or delete it, or you can click on the + button to create a new cancellation type.

It is not possible to edit or remove the types:

  • Service contract finished

  • Temporary suspension

Whilst these can be selected, when cancelling a booking as a one off, these are also used as the defaults for when those actions are made to a client's record.

Un-cancelling the booking

If you need to un-cancel a booking, you can do this too. Open up the booking you wish to reinstate and click on the 3 vertical dots in the top right hand corner. You should have 3 options now:

  • Un-cancel

  • Delete

  • Unlock

When you click on the Un-cancel button, another box will appear saying "Do you want to un-cancel this booking" Click on <Yes> and the booking will no longer be cancelled. All of these actions will be logged in the audit tab for the booking as well.


If you suspend a client, you have the option to either cancel or delete their bookings. For more information, see: Suspensions

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