A booking type is a description of what the visit entails. We provide a set of default Booking Types (such as Personal Care, Meal Prep, Shadowing or Office) but you also have full control over which Booking Types are available in your system, including any additional ones you want to create.

Listing booking types

To find the list of all booking types that are active in your environment, click Bookings in the main navigation and then look for Types under the Settings heading in the sub-navigation list.

From this screen, you can see what colour has been assigned (visible as an indicator on the roster), whether each type is payable or billable, and how many bookings have been generated using the booking type.

Creating a new type

Click the :add: button in the top-right hand corner of the screen.

You'll need to give the Booking Type a name, and configure some of the options.

Select whether bookings of this types has carers, clients or both allocated. An 'Office' booking type may be for Carers only (a carer visiting the office), whereas 'Personal Care' would be for both carers & clients (a carer going to visit a client).

You can select whether this type of booking should be payable to allocated carers, or billable to the client.

Additionally for types that require carer allocation, you can select whether carers need to check in to the booking, and optionally specify the maximum number of carers that should be able to attend. Leaving the Max attending carers option blank will impose no limit.

Finally, choose a colour that will be used as an indicator on screens that show many bookings at once, such as the roster. This can help you quickly identify different types of bookings.


Once the Booking Type has been created, the same options are applicable when making changes to it.

Carer Contract selection

When allocating a carer to a booking, their default contract will be automatically selected; however you may have assigned multiple contracts to a carer which contain rates that are dependent on the type of work they are doing, e.g., a 'standard' contract, as well as a 'live-in' contract.

Booking Types allow you to specify which of a carer's contract the system should prioritise when allocating them.

Example one:

A carer has two contracts: Standard Carer & Specialist Medication. The carer is paid more for administering specialist medication; their default contract is Standard Carer.

For bookings that require restricted medication, you've set up a Restricted Medication booking type and you want to make sure that the Specialist Medication contract is used when they are allocated to a booking of this type.

Example two:

A carer will mostly walk, but will sometimes do excursions with clients. They have two contracts set up: Walking and Driving. The driving contract has mileage & travel payments enabled.

You have an additional booking type set up for Day Trip. You wish for the Driving carer contract to be used whenever the carer is allocated to a Day Trip.

Associating a contract with a booking type

From the Booking Types list, click the :more_vert: button next to the type you wish to associate the contract with, and then click :low_priority: Carer contract priorities.

In the pop-up that appears, select the contract type from the Add new contract type box. This will add it to the list above. If you have multiple contract types selected, you can click and drag to reorder them. If the carer has more than one of the selected contracts assigned to them, the contract will be picked based on the order specified.

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