The hours report will give you a summary of the number of hours provided over a given period.



Who/what the report should be focused on. Can be carers, clients, booking types, or contract types.

Grouped by
You can either group the results by the subject (see above), date, or week.

Calculate invoiced hours using
Choose whether the Invoiced Hours column should a total of: billable, delivered, or billed hours.

- Billable: The number of billable hours, based on planned duration
- Delivered: Based on actual visit duration
- Billed: The number of hours that has been invoiced; taking the service contract's planned/actual setting into account.

Choose to focus on a particular carer or client, or whether to only include carers/clients with active contracts or not.


Scheduled Hours
The number of visit hours that have been scheduled.

Billable Hours
The number of hours that can be billed for. If there are multiple carers allocated, the planned duration will be multiplied by the number of carers

Carer Hours
The number of hours that carers will be attending. This includes a carer multiplier so 2 carers attending a 1 hour call will show as 2 hours.


The number of hours that have not been allocated to a carer.

The actual number of hours delivered, based on arrival and departure data.

The number of hours for bookings that have been cancelled.

The number of hours that a client should be charged for.

PayableThe number of hours that carers should be paid for.

The number of hours that have been invoiced (included on an invoice) for that period.

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